UX Upskill | Hyper Island

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For the first time, in all my design education, I have a designated module focusing only on ethics. Not just a few hours of GDPR and inclusive design, but 2 weeks on the broader scope of ethics. Still not that long, but long enough to dive a bit deeper on the issue.

UX Upskill | Hyper Island

There has never been a better time to get to grips with remote working methods than now. The world is changing at a rapid pace due to many reasons, the latest being the pandemic, forcing millions to work remotely. So the timing of this challenge was perfect.


Fieldwork UX research | Hyper Island

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Design thinking | Hyper Island

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Design thinking is an iterative, human-centered approach for innovation and problem solving. “How might we…” (HMW) is a design thinking technique for brainstorming new ideas. By using these methods we will look for ways to improve the experience of giving gifts. This challenge originates from Stanford d.school and is a project they developed to quickly introduce people to the cycle of design thinking.

UX Upskill | Hyper Island

We were advised to document our journey using Medium. A bit daunting, as I’m not a writer, but it’s good practice and a nice way to keep track of all the things we will learn. Hopefully it will also help me develop my writing skills.

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Pia Hartvigsen

Visual designer exploring UX. Love illustration, travelling (uhm…when that was still possible), hammocks and cats, based in Oslo, Norway.

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